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Outside Tube Diameter 1.25"
Tube Height 3.50"
Base 5" square


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Attach Titan Post Anchor to post
Attach Titan Post Anchor to deck
Framing deck joists before installation
No more rot!
A stronger connection
How & why it was created


Great with Exotic Hardwoods too!
Installation steps for use with exotic hardwoods


Titan Post AnchorsTitan Post AnchorsTitan Post Anchors



Customer Comments

"The Titan has it all. It's got the strength that is what you're looking for but the look is outstanding and combined with the other features I put on this railing system it was the right choice. And I'm happy about that." Bob Evans - Big Rideau Lake, Ontario

"Great product, I don't know how I would have done what I wanted to do on the deck any better. It works great, very sturdy. Thanks!" Tullos T. - North Little Rock, Arkansas

"They work great and have made our railing sturdy and safe. Instructions were very handy." Martin T. - Essex Junction, Vermont

"My deck is really nice... Thanks to your post anchors!!" Sebastian L. - Cantley, Quebec

"You, your videos and your site were very informative. This is the solution I have been looking for. No question in my mind. Keep innovating!" Adrian M. - Burlington, Ontario

"I just thought you might like to see you product in action. I am so happy I found your Titan Post Anchors on the internet. I love the way they look, and were very easy to install. And I can't believe how sturdy they are. They made my deck remodel project a hole lot easier. As you notice I installed low wattage lighting on the posts. I just drilled a 3/8" hole from the bottom of the post 12" deep in the center of Titan Post Anchor. The light is mounted about 16" off the deck. I Then drilled a 3/8" hole at about a 45 degree angle to meet the hole in the center coming up from the bottom. Next I ran the wiring through my drill holes out the bottom of the post, marked the post locations on the deck, drilled a 3/8" hole through the deck on the center point of the post location. Run the wire through that hole, and mount the posts as normal. All connections are done on the under side of the deck out of sight. Thank you very much for putting out such a great product." Kurt R. - Cleveland, Ohio

"I bought 14 anchors a few months ago, I just got around to installing my new railing. The Titan anchors made our deck beautiful. Thank you very much." James K. - Miamisburg, Ohio

"Your Titan Post Anchors are all you claimed them to be. My son-in-law is a builder and he was very impressed and will soon be a user." Nick B. - Schenectady, NY

"Thanks again Richard for FedExing the other shipment of the Titan Anchors. They are installed, sturdy and look great. I am really happy with them here is a picture of the deck." Kyle D. - Richardson, Texas

"I installed the Titan Post Anchor on my Trex post, and it worked perfectly! It's very strong and secure, and I feel confident using it for the rest of my deck. So I just placed an order for 8 more! The best part for me, is that due to the low profile of the Titan, the Trex post skirts fit neatly over it. It's only about 1/8" from being completely flush with the deck. So when someone asks you if these work with Trex, the answer is yes." Mike R - Austin, Texas

"Just wanted to let you know the post anchors worked great. I Used them to install a trex artisan series railing on a concrete porch using 2 1/4 inch tap cons.I found that paring out the outer edge of the hole saw cut with a utility knife allows the weld to seat much easier against the post. Thank you and good luck." Tom Steeley, Greensburg, PA

Titan Post Anchors

Titan Post Anchors

Titan Post Anchors
The revolutionary post anchoring system


What is The Titan Post Anchor ™?

Cutaway view of titan post anchorThe Titan Post Anchor ™ is a revolutionary post anchoring bracket which relies on a concealed internal fastening system that elevates the post off the deck to keep it dry, strong and looking good.



View of titan post anchorOur patent pending center tube technology is mechanically fitted into a formed steel base and then welded in place for a super rigid connection. The tube then pierces deep into the solid core of the wood post and is further supported by concealed lag bolts under the base and hidden from view.


Get the Titan Post Anchor and say Good Bye to:

  • Wasting $$$ and TIME spent replacing rotting posts -Post Anchor Instead do it once and forget about it.

    Big ugly steel castings that fit around the outside of post bases.

    Notching, cutting and shimming posts to fit against joists.

    Other systems that aren't strong enough.


See More Installation Videos

Creator of the Titan Post AnchorListen to Richard Bergman, the creator of the Titan Post Anchor ™ as he discusses the process of trying to solve several age old problems which led to the creation of this unique product.


3 Reasons Why The Titan Excels

No More Rot (1:56)

Rotting posts are a thing of the past. The Titan Post Anchor lifts the post up off the deck surface to prevent the capillary action of the wood grain from sucking up water like a straw which eventually starts the decay process.

And it looks clean and inconspicuous. A great finished look for proud homeowner.

View the video

A Stronger Connection (1:31)

The Titan Post Anchor has been destruction tested as a single post, outside of a railing "system". It's a leader in its class of internal anchors.

When numerous posts are connected together in a "system" its even stronger.

View the video

How and Why it Was Created (3:51)

Richard explains how the Titan Post Anchor was conceived and what problems it was designed to address.

Like any inventor, he continues to test and develop new and better prototypes so that builders and home owners everywhere can have the finest wood post anchoring solution possible.

View the video

Call now to order 1-800-981-3590.

Screws By Themselves Don't Do The Job

Screws alone can be pulled out easilyBecause the tube is over 1.25" in width and is driven deeply into the core of the post, it can not be easily levered or ripped off like ordinary steel plates bolted or screwed to post bases.

Fasteners screwed parallel to the grain of the wood do not have as much holding power and can be pulled out at lower force.

But The Titan Post Anchor ™ is strong. Really strong. And surpasses the building code requirements for guard rails.

But those are just the functional qualities. See our lab tests if you would like.

Titan Post AnchorFor those of you who want something that looks good to the eye, without big wrap around external metal casings at the base of a wood post - the Titan excels. All you see is a clean looking black powder coated base. Unassuming and finished!

The look is fantastic. People actually look at installations and wonder how such a small looking metal base can be so strong. The secret is hidden within the post!

Call now to order 1-800-981-3590.

A Real Life Story

Titan used to support a gate postThe first Titan Post Anchor ™ was used at a residence in rainy Vancouver, BC where the owner needed to install a gate at the side of the house.

The gate post had to be mounted on a retaining wall set about 5 feet above the next door neighbors yard.

We installed a single unsupported post using the Titan and it was strong enough to hold a 36" wood gate without sagging! And its still going strong.

Here's one customer's experience...

Unsupported post anchored with the Titan"I wanted to install a 36" gate along a walkway beside my house and needed to install a 4x4 post to hang it from.

The only place the post could go was on top of a retaining wall separating my yard from my neighbor's."

Single post anchored with the Titan holding up a 36' gate"This seemed like an impossible task to come up with some way of attaching a post to the retaining wall strong enough to hold a gate all by itself. And I didn't want to use those big ugly metal post brackets."

"The Titan was the perfect solution. It was super strong. The gate hasn't budged an inch and the post is in perfect condition. No rot or anything. And it rains a lot here."

Concealed anchoring system"The best thing is it has such a finished look. People look at it and wonder how on earth the post is attached so strongly. This is a pretty innovative product."


Vancouver, B.C.

Say Good Bye to Rotting Posts - Forever!

The Titan lifts the base of the wood post off the deck surface preventing moisture from being wicked up by the capillary action of the wood.

Your wood posts are now maintenance free. Without constant moisture they stay dry and rot free!

The old notch and bolt to the joist method means posts eventually rot at the base in five to ten years. Not with the Titan! No way!

Call now to order 1-800-981-3590.

No Finicky Notching of Posts Required

The Old Way

Notching a tradtional postHere's the labor intensive traditional way of installing deck railing posts. Hand cutting, notching, shimming, leveling and bolting to joists only for the post to start rotting as soon as the first rain.


The Easier Way

Use a 1.25' diameter hole sawStep 1

Just cut the post straight and prepare it with a 1.5" deep hole saw cut to guide the tube into the core of the post. No carpentry skill required like cutting out notches and shimming.


Insert tube of anchor into hole saw cutStep 2

Fit the tube into the circular cut left by the hole saw and drive it into the post using a 3 lbs hammer until the base makes full contact with the post.



Bolt the base using lags and washersStep 3

Use 3" by 1/4" lag bolts and fasten the base to the post and then you are ready to attach the post to your deck, balcony or patio.



Finished Titan post anchorStep 4

Attach the post with anchor to your deck and enjoy knowing that your posts are strong and free from rot.


Outside Tube Diameter 1.25"
Tube Height 3.50"
Base 5" square

No More Ugly Visible Brackets

A standard external metal post anchor bracketAll you see with the Titan Post Anchor ™ is a neat clean looking black base. The actual anchor is set deep within the core of the post. Not like these big ugly obtrusive external metal brackets. They may look OK on a construction site but not for your deck!

And Strong as an Ox

Independent lab destruction testing shows just how strong the Titan Post Anchor™ really is.

Any point along a guard rail must withstand a horizontal concentrated (single point) load of 200 lbs to 225 lbs (depending on your building code). Also it must withstand a horizontal force of 50 lbs to 52 lbs (come codes vary) over every lineal foot of top rail applied at the same time.

The more posts along a line of railing the more the load is shared by each post.

Guardrails Must Be Strong

The International Residential Code IRC 2000-2003 and the Canadian Building Code Part 1.232. set the standards for guardrails.

If the horizontal point load moves and is directed entirely at one post, that post must take almost the entire load. Well almost, because some of the force is distributed by the attached railing sections.

In the case of a continuous top rail running along the line of railing, more of the horizontal force would be distributed among the other posts thus reducing the force that the single post would ordinarily have to handle.

So if you have posts set at every 4 feet it would make a stronger railing than if they were set at every 6 feet.

Imagine If A Single Post Could Withstand This Test

Well, the Titan Post Anchor has performed very well under lab destruction tests. A single unsupported cedar post withstood a concentrated point load of 250 lbs at 36" and 214 lbs at 42" high. Imagine the strength you get when you incorporate it into a real railing system with other posts and directional changes.

You got it! Even stronger.

The Titan Post Anchor ™ is Perfect For...
  • New Deck Construction

    Retrofitting Old Deck Railing

    Exterior Newel Posts

    Small (4'-5') Fence Posts on Concrete Surfaces

Homeowners - Save time installing and reducing future maintenance.

Builders - Save time and money. Get referral calls from satisfied customers. Use the Titan wherever you need a strong concealed post to deck connection.

Use railing panels with your Titan post anchorUse the new powder coated metal balusters along with the Titan Post Anchor ™ to have the beauty of wood, the latest in durable metal railing and virtually eliminate annual maintenance.


Mix various railing systems with the Titan post anchorNow you can create the perfect marriage between aluminum railing sections with wood posts and have a maintenance free railing.

The Titan Makes Wood the Material of Choice Once Again

Cedar with clear grainThe beauty of wood, especially clear cedar or redwood is undeniable. But wood can rot over time - some species faster than others - whenever it is in constant contact with moisture.

So wood deck railings have traditionally been susceptible to rotting where the posts were notched and mounted directly to joists.

As a result, many advances in composite decking and railing materials have been brought to the market. But all of them try to do one thing - emulate the look and feel and beauty of real wood. Why? Because we love real wood. We prefer real wood - if we could.

Confidently Use Real Wood - Again

With the Titan Post Anchor ™ you can now use wood posts - the finest clear cedar or redwood or whatever - and know that your posts are there for a lifetime. And are strong.

Many imitators of the Titan Post Anchor ™ simply do not provide the stiffness and strength required. Step up to the very best deck railing anchor technology.

Order Your Titan Post Anchors ™ Today!

click here to order online

Order as many anchors as your project requires. You can also get all the necessary hardware if you like.


Call now to order 1-800-981-3590.

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